Sanātana Dharma & Bhagavath Geeta

Sanātana Dharma & Bhagavath Geeta
Sanātana Dharma & Bhagavath Geeta
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3 MP3 CDs, 58 hrs

Scholarly or ignorant, we have all been in pursuit of spiritual knowledge. Let us be proud of the fund of wisdom blessed by Hinduism, the universal way of life, by studying and practising it further. These talks elaborate on convincing concepts revealed by our ancient scriptures, like rebirth, karma, purpose of birth, balancing materialism and spirituality, nature of atman and Paramatman, salvation, simple way of Puja etc. The best part is the explanation of all chapters from the Gita, which is the pillar of Sanātana Dharma.


  • Sanatana Dharmam - An Introduction
  • Sanatana Vedha Margam
  • Sanatana Dharmathil En Pala Mathangal ?
  • Naam En Pirakirom?
  • Punniya Papa Karmangal  En?
  • Uruva Vazhipaatin Uyarvu
  • Mahabarathathil Sanatana Dharmam
  • Nammai Arivom, Deivathai Arivom
  • Bhakthargalagiya Nam Kadamai
  • Elliya Poojai Murai (Simple Pooja Method)
  • Bhagavat Geeta

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